Stay Clean

Clausen Stay Clean is outstanding in its ability to remove tenacious soil and is unique in doing so without leaving any sticky dirt holding residue. It more than pays for itself by greatly extending the time between necessary cleaning.

Stay Clean is available in: Quarts & Gallons


Stays Clean - It's the sticky residue left by ordinary cleaners that promotes re-soiling. Soil won't stick to Clausen Stay Clean.

Surfactant/Solvent Blend - A unique combination for optimum penetration, lifting, suspension and removal of all types of soil.

Converts to a powder -  Dries to a powder like residue that is easily vacuumed up and practically invisible.

Faster Drying - All water based solutions do not dry at the same speed. The components in Clausen Stay Clean make it dry faster. 


Formulated especially for bonnet carpet cleaning, but the absence of any sticky residue makes it ideal for use also in wet extraction, in so called dry extraction with cylindrical brush equipment, in spot cleaning, even rotary shampooing. Safe to use on wool carpets.