Since 1965 Clausen Carpet Solutions has been developing leading technology for the sole purpose of carpet care. These advancements in technology are present in all of our products. From Stay Clean's Anti Resoil Technology to All Purpose Spotter's Encapsulation Clausen has been a true pioneer in carpet care science. 

Leaders in Carpet Chemistry
Since 1965

Clausen Products are for professionals looking for the highest quality carpet care product available. Whether you are using an extraction machine to restore entire carpets in an office or doing some spotting on a small spot on your carpet at home Clausen Carpet Solutions has a carpet product for every need.


Carpet Care 101

Clausen Carpet also provides additional resources to along with our products. Find out new techniques and ways to take care of the carpet in your home and for your customers. Learn how to use our products to their full effectiveness with our provided training materials, tips and educational videos.