Effective as a sanitizing agent putrefactive bacteria. Low foam with built in defoaming action for use with all models of extraction, carpet “steam cleaning” and bonnet equipment. Fortified with a proven odor coutneractant Based on patented technology for removing greasy soil without need for solvents.

Dual is available in:  Gallons


Erases Foul Odors - Modern quaternary ammonium compounds eliminate many foul odors at their source by killing putrefactive bacteria.

Versatile - Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes when used for either extraction or bonnet cleaning.

Deep Cleaning -  Dual is based on patented technology for emulsifying heavy, greasy soil without need for solvents.

Safe on Color - Dual is safe to use on colorfast carpeting, ensuring a beautiful looking carpet even after repeated cleanings. 


Safe for use on colorfast carpeting, but particularly recommended for cleaning and sanitizing carpets in nursing homes, locker rooms, restaurants, etc. Where putrefactive bacteria and unpleasant odors can be a problem. Like most sanitizing products Dual is cationic and is not recommended for use on stain resistant carpeting.