Extract-A-Lon V

Clausen Extract-A-Lon V is a special formulation for extraction cleaning required for use on the various brands of fifth generation stain resistant nylon. As specified by the nylon producers, it is non-ionic, has a maximum pH of 10.0 and is to be used with water temperature below 140F.

Super 21 is available in: Gallons


Modest pH - A pH maximum of 9.5 will not remove the soil resistant treatment and will not initiate browning.

Effective Against Greasy Soil - Contains non-ionic surfactants chosen especially for their ability to penetrate, emulsify and lift greasy soil for complete removal.

Built in Defoamer - There is no foam from Extract-A-Lon V to require the addition of defoamer.

Meets Carpet Specs - A special moderate pH, non-ionic complex that meets the requirements for the products of new fifth generation stain resistant nylons. Performs with outstanding results as well on all carpet fibers including wool.


Meets the requirements of nylon products for use on their brands of stain resistant nylon and is recommended for use on all carpet fibers including wool.