Clausen Non-Browning automatically neutralizes the residual alkaline pH from extraction carpet cleaners, rug shampoos and bonnet carpet cleaners, thus reversing or preventing gradual browning of the fibers. At the same time, it acts as a final rinse to remove the last of any soil or detergent to complete the cleaning job.

Non-Browning is available in: Gallons


Completes the Cleaning Job - Carpet, much more than tile, needs rinsing to remove the last of soil and residual cleaner to prevent re-soiling.

Prevents Browning - Some light color carpetting can gradually turn brown and bright colors can become dull with use of the very best quality cleaners. Non-Browning neutralizes pH to prevent discoloring.

No Optical Bleach -  Carpet fiber manufacturers recommend against the use of optical bleach. Non-Browning contains no bleach. It maintains brightness of colors the natural way, by complete removal of soil and maintaining a neutral pH.

Safe to Use - Safe on all colorfast carpet fibers including wool and stain resistant nylon and all modern carpet backing.


Safe on all colorfast carpeting including wool and stain resistant nylon.