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Jetclean Wipes
Jetclean Spotting Towels


Anti Resoil Stain Remover

Featuring the same Stay Clean soil resistant technology, Jetclean is for spotting and the quick cleaning of entire carpets and carpet areas that are not so dirty as to require deep cleaning. Jetclean makes it a lot easier and much faster to clean carpets that only moderately dirty.

Uses: This one product does spot cleaning, traffic lane cleaning and is a quick, easy cleaner for the entire job.

Jetclean is available in Quarts, Wipes and individually packed spotting towels.


Resists Resoiling - There is nothing in Jetclean to create a sticky film. It dries to small, transparent crystals with the dirt encapsulated inside. These non-stick crystals dry to non-stick powder that is easily removed by later routine vacuuming.

Fast & Easy To Use - Jetclean is ready-to-use. One merely sprays it on to dampen only the soiled ends of the carpet pile and they brush it in. There's no need for complicated extraction machines, no need for defoamers, etc.

VOC Compliant - Meets toughest rule for this type of product regarding release of hazardous, volatile organic compounds.

Nylon Certified - Meets chemical specifications for use on latest generation nylon, so as not to affect factory treatment for resistance.

Multiple Use - Not only is Jetclean great at spotting carpets, it is also effective at spotting other types of fabric that can be found on furniture and other household items.

Jetbrush & Mighty Mitt Accessories


The Clausen Jetbrush is specifically designed for making carpet spotting easier and more effective. The brush has two sides, one with coarse bristles and one with soft bristles. The wheels on the sides of the brush keep the bristles at the perfect height and allow much more effective agitation of the carpet.


Mighty Mitt

The Clausen Mighty Mitt is for the easy agitation of carpet in hard to reach places or small selective spots of carpet. The Mighty Mitt is made out of micro fiber for maximum absorption and cleaning ability. The Mighty Mitt is also machine washable for easy cleaning and reuse.