Carpet Care 101

Clausen Carpet Solutions provides complimentary resources on how to best use our products and the best ways for taking care of your carpet in general. Check back periodically to see new resources on Carpet Care.


Using low moisture technology and methods you can quickly and easily clean your carpet and return it to service. Use of microfiber bonnetts, cylindrical brush machines and our Jetclean Low Moisture Spotting Brush are just a few techniques for carpet maintenance. Since this method leaves some chemistry in the carpet it is important that you use a anti-resoiling formula like the ones listed below.

Low Moisture Carpet Products: JetcleanStay CleanDual

Making Carpet Care Easy

Many of these tips within Carpet Care 101 are devoted to procedures for cleaning heavily soiled carpets. The need to clean them can be greatly delayed by simple preventative maintenance. Entrance mats will trap and hold the bulk of dirt before it is tracked onto carpets. Vacuuming regularly will remove grit that can wear away at the fine fibers in carpet pile. It is vital to attack spills before they become permanent stains.

Removing Spots and Stains

Even carpeting treated at the mill to resist staining will discolor if spills are not cleaned up promptly. When attacked soon enough, many potential stains can be avoided by wetting with water. If spots remain when dry, most can be removed with one or another of Clausen's spot removers.