All Purpose Spotter

Clausen All Purpose Spotter removes nine out of ten stains from colorfast carpet, upholstery, clothing and other textile products - including stains from protein, sugar, light oily stains and even Betadyne. For heavy oily, greasy stains use Clausen G.T.O. 2000 (Grease, Tar & Oil) spotter first.

All Purpose Spotter is available in: Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails


Highly Effective - Removes 9 out of 10 spills and spots - both water based and oil based. For heavy, oily greasy spots use Clausen GTO.

Removes Betadyne - Works like magic in removing Betadyne® and other iodine containing solutions.

Conveinent -  The handy pint bottle with flip cap is easily carried or easily stored for emergency use.

Safe to Use - Non-flammable, non-toxic. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Harmless to all colorfast fibers, fabrics and carpet backing.


Keep available to remove stain from beer, Betadine, blood, catsup, chocolate, coffee, cosmetics, feces, food, fruit juice, grass, grease, iodine, latex paint, liquor, mildew, milk, oil, pet accidents, shoe, polish, soft drinks, tea, urine, wine.

Stay Clean

Clausen Stay Clean is outstanding in its ability to remove tenacious soil and is unique in doing so without leaving any sticky dirt holding residue. It more than pays for itself by greatly extending the time between necessary cleaning.

Stay Clean is available in: Quarts & Gallons


Stays Clean - It's the sticky residue left by ordinary cleaners that promotes re-soiling. Soil won't stick to Clausen Stay Clean.

Surfactant/Solvent Blend - A unique combination for optimum penetration, lifting, suspension and removal of all types of soil.

Converts to a powder -  Dries to a powder like residue that is easily vacuumed up and practically invisible.

Faster Drying - All water based solutions do not dry at the same speed. The components in Clausen Stay Clean make it dry faster. 


Formulated especially for bonnet carpet cleaning, but the absence of any sticky residue makes it ideal for use also in wet extraction, in so called dry extraction with cylindrical brush equipment, in spot cleaning, even rotary shampooing. Safe to use on wool carpets.


Effective as a sanitizing agent putrefactive bacteria. Low foam with built in defoaming action for use with all models of extraction, carpet “steam cleaning” and bonnet equipment. Fortified with a proven odor coutneractant Based on patented technology for removing greasy soil without need for solvents.

Dual is available in:  Gallons


Erases Foul Odors - Modern quaternary ammonium compounds eliminate many foul odors at their source by killing putrefactive bacteria.

Versatile - Cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes when used for either extraction or bonnet cleaning.

Deep Cleaning -  Dual is based on patented technology for emulsifying heavy, greasy soil without need for solvents.

Safe on Color - Dual is safe to use on colorfast carpeting, ensuring a beautiful looking carpet even after repeated cleanings. 


Safe for use on colorfast carpeting, but particularly recommended for cleaning and sanitizing carpets in nursing homes, locker rooms, restaurants, etc. Where putrefactive bacteria and unpleasant odors can be a problem. Like most sanitizing products Dual is cationic and is not recommended for use on stain resistant carpeting.

Pretreat 61

Clausen Pretreat 61 is a blend of modern surfactants and fast acting solvents for multi purpose use in carpet cleaning. It’s high activity and high solvency rating make Pretreat 61 especially effective in dissolving greasy, oily soil, tracked in blacktop coatings, etc. and thus ideal for pretreating heavily soiled carpet prior to shampooing or extraction. By itself the quickness with which it attacks soil of all types makes it ideal as a bonnet cleaner for high traffic areas.

Pretreat 61 is available in: Gallons


Complex Blend - Contains concentrated solvents to dissolve greasy, oily soil and modern surfactants to penetrate, wet and lift soil for easy removal.

Highly Concentrated - You’re not buying water. Pretreat 61 contains 45% solvents by weight and 16% surfactants.

Multiple Use - This one product will do three important carpet maintenance jobs:

  1. It can be sprayed over traffic lanes for heavily soiled carpet to make shampooing or extraction cleaning more effective and easier. 
  2. It can be used as a bonnet cleaner for fast interim carpet cleaning.
  3. It may be used as a carpet spotter to remove both water based and solvent based spots.

Safe on Color - Dual is safe to use on colorfast carpeting, ensuring a beautiful looking carpet even after repeated cleanings. 


Its concentration of ingredients that attacks both water based and oil based soil make it a universal spot remover. Pretreat 61 is recommended for use on colorfast carpeting of all brands and all fibers including stain resistant nylon.


Clausen Non-Browning automatically neutralizes the residual alkaline pH from extraction carpet cleaners, rug shampoos and bonnet carpet cleaners, thus reversing or preventing gradual browning of the fibers. At the same time, it acts as a final rinse to remove the last of any soil or detergent to complete the cleaning job.

Non-Browning is available in: Gallons


Completes the Cleaning Job - Carpet, much more than tile, needs rinsing to remove the last of soil and residual cleaner to prevent re-soiling.

Prevents Browning - Some light color carpetting can gradually turn brown and bright colors can become dull with use of the very best quality cleaners. Non-Browning neutralizes pH to prevent discoloring.

No Optical Bleach -  Carpet fiber manufacturers recommend against the use of optical bleach. Non-Browning contains no bleach. It maintains brightness of colors the natural way, by complete removal of soil and maintaining a neutral pH.

Safe to Use - Safe on all colorfast carpet fibers including wool and stain resistant nylon and all modern carpet backing.


Safe on all colorfast carpeting including wool and stain resistant nylon.

Steamy 24

Steamy 24 is a sudsless emulsion of grease attacking solvents and deep cleaning synthetic detergents formulated especially for steam cleaning/extraction of modern carpeting. Removes the heaviest of soil and restores the color and the beauty of carpeting on which it is used.

Steamy 24 is available in: Gallons


Surfactant/Solvent Emulsion - Contains special sovents + surfactants that penetrate greasy oily spots and soil allowing for easy removal.

Sticky Residue - Unlike typical competitive brands Steamy 24 is free rinsing and will not leave a sticky residue that causes some carpeting to re-soil quickly after cleaning.

Low Foam - It’s low foam breaks quickly to become no foam on the carpet and in the solution recovery tank for quick cleaning - no unnecessary trips to dump buckets of suds.

Nominally Neutral pH - It’s pH of 10.5 is close to Ivory bar soap and thus Steamy 24 is safe for cleaning the delicate of fibers. 


An industrial/institutional grade formula for use with all models of carpet “steam cleaning” and extraction carpet cleaning machines. Recommended for use on all colorfast rugs and carpets not affected by water alone.

Super 21

Clausen Super 21 Rug & Upholstery Shampoo is a highly concentrated complex of modern free rinse synthetic detergents. Its dry foam penetrates, solubilizes and lifts stubborn soil with a minimum of wetting. It deodorizes as it cleans and is safe to use on all colorfast rugs and upholstery.

Super 21 is available in: Gallons


Super Concentrate - Contains the finest of ingredients in a more concentrated form for better cleaning and more economical use.

High, Dry Foam - Develops a thick, stiff foam that lifts and suspends gritty soil.

Super Detergency - Penetrates and dissolves oily, greasy soil.

Deodorizes - Contains a proven odor counteractant to erase foul odors in rugs and the surrounding area.

Safe to Use - There's nothing in Clausen's Super 21 to harm the best quality rugs, carpets or upholstery. 


Formulated for use with all makes of rotary and foam machines for shampooing all colorfast rugs and upholstery not affected by water alone.

Extract-A-Lon V

Clausen Extract-A-Lon V is a special formulation for extraction cleaning required for use on the various brands of fifth generation stain resistant nylon. As specified by the nylon producers, it is non-ionic, has a maximum pH of 10.0 and is to be used with water temperature below 140F.

Super 21 is available in: Gallons


Modest pH - A pH maximum of 9.5 will not remove the soil resistant treatment and will not initiate browning.

Effective Against Greasy Soil - Contains non-ionic surfactants chosen especially for their ability to penetrate, emulsify and lift greasy soil for complete removal.

Built in Defoamer - There is no foam from Extract-A-Lon V to require the addition of defoamer.

Meets Carpet Specs - A special moderate pH, non-ionic complex that meets the requirements for the products of new fifth generation stain resistant nylons. Performs with outstanding results as well on all carpet fibers including wool.


Meets the requirements of nylon products for use on their brands of stain resistant nylon and is recommended for use on all carpet fibers including wool.


It works like magic to erase stains and odors without solvents, harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing. Enzymatic literally eats and digests organic matter nature’s way, by bio-enzymatic action. Each quart of Enzymagic contains 50 billion enzyme producers chosen for their appetite for the organic matter that causes stains and odors that are not removed by typical spotters.

Enzymagic is available in: Quarts & Gallons


Works Nature's Way - Bio enzymatic action liquefies, and digests organic matter without need for solvents, harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing.

Over 12 Billion Enzyme Producers per Quart - Chosen and blended especially to eat and digest organic matter that develops stains and odors.

Works Immediately to Erase Odors - Contains a proven odor counteractant that starts to eliminate odors in the air even as the enzymes are developing.

Safe on all Surfaces - Enzymagic is neutral in pH and contains no solvents. Will not harm any colorfast textile, leather or plastic.

Easy to Use - Just apply Enzymagic to problem areas and allow to stand. No need for scrubbing or rubbing. 


Meets the requirements of nylon products for use on their brands of stain resistant nylon and is recommended for use on all carpet fibers including wool.


Spec - SDS
Jetclean Wipes
Jetclean Spotting Towels


Anti Resoil Stain Remover

Featuring the same Stay Clean soil resistant technology, Jetclean is for spotting and the quick cleaning of entire carpets and carpet areas that are not so dirty as to require deep cleaning. Jetclean makes it a lot easier and much faster to clean carpets that only moderately dirty.

Uses: This one product does spot cleaning, traffic lane cleaning and is a quick, easy cleaner for the entire job.

Jetclean is available in Quarts, Wipes and individually packed spotting towels.


Resists Resoiling - There is nothing in Jetclean to create a sticky film. It dries to small, transparent crystals with the dirt encapsulated inside. These non-stick crystals dry to non-stick powder that is easily removed by later routine vacuuming.

Fast & Easy To Use - Jetclean is ready-to-use. One merely sprays it on to dampen only the soiled ends of the carpet pile and they brush it in. There's no need for complicated extraction machines, no need for defoamers, etc.

VOC Compliant - Meets toughest rule for this type of product regarding release of hazardous, volatile organic compounds.

Nylon Certified - Meets chemical specifications for use on latest generation nylon, so as not to affect factory treatment for resistance.

Multiple Use - Not only is Jetclean great at spotting carpets, it is also effective at spotting other types of fabric that can be found on furniture and other household items.

Jetbrush & Mighty Mitt Accessories


The Clausen Jetbrush is specifically designed for making carpet spotting easier and more effective. The brush has two sides, one with coarse bristles and one with soft bristles. The wheels on the sides of the brush keep the bristles at the perfect height and allow much more effective agitation of the carpet.


Mighty Mitt

The Clausen Mighty Mitt is for the easy agitation of carpet in hard to reach places or small selective spots of carpet. The Mighty Mitt is made out of micro fiber for maximum absorption and cleaning ability. The Mighty Mitt is also machine washable for easy cleaning and reuse.

Killer Defoamer

Clausen Killer Defoamer works immediately with lasting effectiveness against foam from rug shampoos, strippers, cleaners, etc. Without troublesome suds, recovery tanks require less frequent dumping to make work easier and faster. Killer Defoamer protects equipment by preventing over flow that can damage vacuum motors and electrical parts.

Killer Defoamer is available in: Gallons


Saves Work - Allows liquid recovery tanks to fill to complete capacity. No more premature automatic shut off or unnecessary dumping when tanks are only partially full.

Highly Concentrated - Just add Killer to any tank where foam or suds can be a problem.


Saves Equipment - Prevents over flow of foam or liquid that can damage electric motors, switches and circuitry.

Highly Concentrated - Just an ounce or two per gallon capacity of the recovery tank is all that is necessary.

Multiple Uses - Killer eliminates foam in carpet extractors, automatic floor scrubbers, wet vac pick-up tanks, sinks, in cleaning of storage tanks, cooking vessels, etc.


Eliminates foam in carpet extractors, automatic floor scrubbers, wet vacs, sinks, vessel and tank cleaning, etc.

N’Odor Liquid & N’Odor Deodorizer Crystals

Clausen N’Odor Liquid and N’Odor Crystals provide two different ways to deal with foul odors that seem to be stuck in fabrics of furniture or carpets. Both products are powerful and easy to use.

N’Odor Liquid Deodorizer

N’Odor is an easy to use, super concentrated, non- flammable, multi-purpose water soluble odor counteractant that may be sprayed in the air or sprayed directly on the source of foul odors. N’Odor Liquid is available in Quarts.

Easily Applied - Just spray in the air - spray on carpets, upholstery, etc. Squirt in cleaning solutions, rinse water, etc. or directly into refuse containers to reach the source of foul odors.

Economical - Each quart delivers the equivalent active odor counteractant to about ten aerosols.

Water Soluble - Readily mixes with rug shampoo, floor cleaners, rinse water, etc.



Multi-Functional - May be used as a spray or a water soluble solution.

Broad Effectiveness - This single product erases foul odors of all kinds. Use N’Odor to merely freshen the air or for the worst of emergency odor problems.



N’Odor counteracts and erases malodors in carpets, upholstery, draperies, bedding and even clothing, in trash containers, hampers, closets, air conditioners and other sources. Use N’Odor in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, theaters, restaurants, automobiles, airplanes, taxi cabs, buses, etc.

N’Odor Crystals Deodorizer



Invisible - Won’t show where sprinkled. No need to vacuum immediately as with household brands. Leave to continue deodorizing until removal is convenient.

Radiates Freshness - Leaves a pleasant aroma as evidence that carpet and room have been cleaned.

Economical - The two pound canister has four times the contents of typical household brands.

Multi-Purpose - Use also to neutralize odors in upholstered furniture, cigarette urns, reuse containers, etc.


Prevents Vacuum Damage - No cornstarch or baking soda to harm vac motors, bearings or switches.

Clausen N’odor Crystals are unlike and superior to household brands that are generally no more than corn starch or baking soda. Such powdery products must be vacuumed immediately or will be picked up on the soles of shoes and tracked where not wanted... Clausen N’odor crystals are colorless, transparent and treaded with concentrated odor counteractant that leaves carpets and surrounding areas smelling fresh and clean. N’Odor Crystals are packed in 2lb containers and packed 12 per case.


Neutralizes Foul Odors - Carpet fibers act like wicks in absorbing and releasing foul odors. N’Odor Crystals contain a proven odor counteractant to literally erase foul odors.

Long Lasting - Maintains effectiveness for days on carpet. When picked up, the vac exhaust acts as a giant deodorizer dispenser.

Wont Cake or Track - Will not adhere to damp carpet or wet feet. Some competitive products form cement-like clumps in the carpet when wet.


Primarily to erase foul odors in and emitted by carpets, rugs and upholstery, but also ideal for deodorizing such things as reuse containers, diaper and soiled linens contains, cigarette urns, etc.