Our Technology

Clausen Carpet Solutions continues to make products that contain state of the art technology. Many modern carpet cleaning technologies were developed by Clausen and then proven in the field by carpet cleaning professionals. From modern encapsulation technology to the evolution of anti-resoil technology Clausen continues to innovate. By using Clausen products you can be assured of the utmost quality and ingredients. 

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Why Clausen?

Clausen has literally “cracked the code” on carpet cleaning! JetClean, using the Stay Clean soil resistant technology, is now available for those stubborn spots that always reappear on carpets after cleaning them. It’s even great for quick cleaning of your entire carpets. JetClean comes ready to use right out of the bottle - no mixing, messy spills or wasted solution.

Clausen Carpet Solutions has been a proud member in the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) for 49 years and the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) for five years. The company has experienced growth each year due to its innovative products that establish new ways to clean and maintain carpet.


For over 30 years, Clausen Carpet Solutions has offered a complete line of carpet care products specially formulated for all types of carpet fibers. The company was founded in 1947 by Gordon Clausen. Clausen was one of the first companies to teach in-house cleaning personnel to clean and maintain their own carpet. The Clausen line of products allows full building carpet maintenance. Clausen has led the way in new cleaning technology with its groundbreaking encapsulation product, Stay Clean, and its companion spotter JetClean.

Stay Clean is outstanding in its ability to remove tenacious soil and is unique in doing so without leaving any sticky, dirt holding residue. It allows users to greatly extend the time between necessary cleanings. Utilizing cylindrical brush machines, users are able to clean during the day, using low moisture cleaning techniques.